Uniform Embroidery, Harare, Zimbabwe

65% polyester/ 35% cotton twill.

10 button wrap over fastening

High quality, long life resin buttons

Open cuffs

Unisex sizing

Industrial laundry 85°C

Domestic wash 60°C

Weight: 195 gsm


A uniform with an embroidered logo will provide your business with a more professional stance. It will also allow your company to stand out form the rest. Clients usually trust companies that have smart and well branded uniforms.

No, the number of colours does not affect the embroidery cost.

When it comes to uniform embroidery, the number of stitches is the one that is counted. As such, the larger the logo, the more stitches are needed.

You can send you logo to us in many formats. You can use jpeg, png, and pdf to mention but a few. Just send us what you have and we see how we can work around it.

Yes, you can. If you want to see a sample before the final piece of work, you can easily place the request and we send it to you before we start on the task. You can also request a mark-up as well.


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